Bahrain Plants 

Buthaina's tiles
They fuse  arts, traditional and modern emerging as delicate squares, solitary, framed by or encased in wood. Tradition appears in the styles of drawing and coloring that Buthaina developed during her studies in Wales and Cambridge. Modernity emerges from her bold use of digital photography and image manipulation software, a use that reconstitutes the original, reacts with its components and refashions them anew.
Buthaina understands the techniques of printing on ceramic and the ways of fixing and firing onto this surface.
Behind all her works lies a passion for the culture of the Gulf, and of Bahrain in particular, and its ancient motifs. For if the palm appears prominent in her designs it was no less prominent in the seals of Dilmun and their first images over 4,500 years ago. And if she has given prime place to pearls then it only follows the fascination of Bahrainis with the industry and their celebration of its pearls since the dawn of civilization for thousands of years.
As for the clothes and textiles she recounts the special touches of the Gulf and the fine sensitivities that distinguished how its inhabitants dealt with materials they imported from abroad for clothing and decoration but on which they imprinted their distinct way and added their unique tastes